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Best in Tabletop

Mar 10, 2023

On this episode of 40k Frontiers: The Frontiers crew get together to talk with Alexander Englezos, THE GREEK! Alex Englezos is a recent addition to the Australian WTC team as a coach, host of The Forgeworld Podcast and 40k Academy Discord, as well as an alround great guy!

The crew talk with Alex Englezos about the Dice Arcade GT in Sydney and then the Gladiator Gaming Teams event in QLD which he was on both winning sides of! The team also answer listener questions and update around recent events.


The Forgeworld Podcast:

40k Academy Discord:

Team Australia 40k Page:

Australis Wagaming Streams:

/ @australistwn

Don’t forget, if you have any questions for the hosts or would like to highlight your own event/ area. Please reach out to us by commenting down below or messaging us directly :).

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